Madness, just madness.

I’ve been distracted from blogging lately by eating, watching horror movies, and playing outside.  I’m trying to squeeze some fun out the remnants of summer.

Today, Hanna and I went to Fort Williams where we lounged in the grass, played rummy, ate blueberries, and watched awkward teenagers pose for senior portraits.

I was too busy relaxing to take photos, but here’s the view from where we were:

Also, we saw the Google Maps staff on our way to Cape Elizabeth and hoped that we would be made famous by being in one of the street view pictures:

I took another trip to Cape Elizabeth earlier this week with Ben, Josh, and Teddy.  We trekked through Robinson’s Woods.

And now for important dietary information.  Josh and I have been creating some serious eats in the form of panini sandwiches.  My belly has been craving them because I spend so much time perusing this amazing sandwich blog, Panini Happy.  The author is remarkably creative with her sandwich construction, which is something I deeply appreciate.  Sandwiches are simple, filling, and delicious.  I love them, and thus have been consuming them at an alarming rate.  This is one of my favorites: caramelized onions and goat cheese on Botto’s Cracked Whole Wheat bread.  We ate our grown-up grilled cheeses with Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup.

(Yes, that is a George Foreman Grill that we’re using to make our paninis.  Because, what the hell else do vegetarians do with a George Foreman Grill? [the answer to that question is: sometimes we scramble eggs on it, but not often]).

School starts in a little over a week, and I’m even less prepared than usual.  I plan to continue cooking delicious things and having woodland adventures until I’ve enjoyed every last minute of the season.  I can’t deny that temperatures are dropping and I have yearnings for plaid skirts and tall boots – but for now I relish the summer.


My dog is feeling better and now we can go on adventures again.  We like to explore the strange forests and semi-abandoned warehouses in our area.  Today we went to Thompson’s Point, which houses various big brick structures (some in use) and lots of rusting industrial equipment.  The area, which borders the Fore River and is reputed for housing transients, is purportedly going to be destroyed and turned into some type of hotel.  I thought Portland had a surplus of lodging these days, but was apparently wrong.

Tomorrow we’re going to revisit a conservation area in Falmouth, I think.  There are lots of garden snakes and blackberries there, as well as an abandoned house and barn.  I read that the land used to house a shingle mill.

For now I think I’ll drink some more caffeine to get me through this shift and watch the rest of The House on Sorority Row:

Make Sense of What You Can.

Today is a very special day, because today I picked a new birthday.  From now on, my birthday will be on August 3rd.  Normally, I would say that to arbitrarily choose a new birthday would strip any and all meaning from birthday celebrations.  However, I did not simply pick a random birthday – I swapped for my new date.  My brother hates birthdays, especially his own.  For years he has refused to acknowledge his birthday, and was pleased to accept my offer of a switch.  My old birthday was two days before Christmas, always forgotten, and – more importantly – always cold, snowy, and dark.  From now on I can have a fun summer birthday, and my brother can have his birthday during a time of year that almost guarantees that everyone will forget it.  We are both very pleased with the arrangement.

So yesterday would have been my birthday, but I missed it.  That’s alright – it’s worth missing my birthday this year in order to have a lifetime of summer season birthday celebrations.

Today we ventured to Macworth Island where I went in the ocean with my sneakers on and later saw two princesses.

Tonight I am at the garage.  There’s been a big to-do around here for the past week because we raised our prices by a dollar each hour.  More people seem to be complaining about the cost of parking, as well as about our cash-only policy.  This doesn’t bother me much, though, because I have Shark Week to enjoy and chevron bracelets to weave.

It’s cool by the ocean tonight and I’ve been hearing a continuous flow of foot traffic outside the gates.  Summer is winding down, I guess.

A brief pause from kitchen science.

Technical difficulties prevent me from sharing snapshots of our fun adventures from this week.  We took a faux road-trip, complete with mechanical problems.  There have been three more Shannons on the tomato plant.  Sushi, ice cream, and pizza were consumed.

All that I have to share are pictures of these, the end to my search for pretty gumdrops, courtesy of Trader Joe’s:

Other than enjoying candy and not having an operational camera cord, I have been real into Coma Cinema lately, and everyone else should be, too, so that he can keep making records:

Now it’s time for more Shannon hunting..