Je rêve de la campagne.

I daydream quite a lot about buying a house in the country.  I find the pastoral scenes just minutes from Portland envious.  On drives to our new favorite doughnut/apple/squash/bread/maple cotton candy stop, Orchard Hill Farm, we happen past lots of historic salt box houses with decaying barns.  I’m so impatient to live in a farmhouse!

Nova Scotia is my ultimate goal. Judging from what research I’ve done on Canadian real estate, there seem to be an abundance of affordable houses in rural NS.  Canada is also appealing because the chilly climate closely resembles that of where I’m from.  I might get sick of winter’s dreariness, but I love being cozy and can’t wait to snuggle up in front of a fire in my Canadian farmhouse.

One place I’d really like to live is this former church.  How eerie and fun it would be for Halloween!  I would probably get too scared of things going bump in the night, but perhaps with a surplus of night-lights…

Oh, Halloween!

I haven’t had much time to get into the spooky spirit this month.  Still, I’ve managed to keep my offensively plastic Jack-O-Lantern candy pail full with sweets and keep two tiny Halloween lanterns lit every evening.  I could stand to watch something scary tonight and fill my belly with pint-sized treats…except that Josh is at work all night tonight and I would scare myself stupid if I watched anything very creepy while all alone in this apartment.

Lastly, I have boot concerns.  These are not woes I care to have, but if I seek warm feet in the upcoming seasons, I will have to put some effort into finding a decent pair of footwear.  I stay true to my Maine roots and sport classic Bean boots for the bulk of winter, but my current pair are in dire need of repair.  L.L. Bean has a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, so because the seams on my boot heels are coming undone, I can carry them into the Bean retail store in Freeport and exchange them for a brand new pair!  Quality and good business practices can still be found in retail, you just have to come to Maine.  (It’s the way life should be, or something.)  Either way, it’ll be a bit of time before I make the short trip to Freeport and I’d like to have an alternative footwear option this winter.  Thus…

boot chart!

I’m not a fan of spending money on shoes nor do I care to purchase footwear new.  However, being 5’11 with feet to match makes thrifting for shoes very difficult, so footwear is one of the few things I’ll allow myself to buy brand new.  All of the boots shown were found from lurking around on, and are all under $200…(1. Ariat Women’s Iona Boot, $201.90.  2. OTBT Women’s Astoria Motorcycle Boot, $189.88.  3.  Clarks Women’s Orinocco Jump Boot, $175.00.  4. Yin Women’s Brown Knee-High Boot, $190.00.  5. Tretorn Women’s Langta Rubber Boot, $64.00).

The pink boots are happening for me because my old wellies split open, and I’ll pick another pair for traipsing around in the woods with Teddy!

New and fun pictures to be posted soon (once a camera cord is acquired), so that my readership (Brian, Josh, and Mom) can once again be enthralled with photographs of my fascinating life!


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