Wishing for a Wood Stove

Josh and I ended up having the most relaxing Halloween night.  I had originally possessed quite high hopes about hitting the town and engaging in debauchery on my favorite holiday, but am very glad we had a low-key evening instead.

We had pizza, candy, and my favorite scary movie.  It was a bit of a strange Halloween, given the unlikely snowstorm.  This is what campus looked like on the 31st:

Today, Josh and I took a break from our courses to as a reward for making it through our midterms.  I’m not adept at handling stress, and with so many courses, extracurriculars, and work, I find myself needing to take a mental health day every so often.  We spent our morning off driving to Freeport – but not for shopping.  Sure, Josh took a peek at what Cole Haan had in stock.  But the real reason for the short trip was to see adorable baby cows and have some breakfast.  

For the rest of today, I plan to do homework and eat lots of honey sticks.

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