If these garage walls could talk…

I just realized that the cement walls of my parking garage make a fantastic backdrop for snapping photos.  I’m not much for self portraits, but have been having fun experimenting with the self timer on my camera and killing time taking these shots during the slow times of my shift.  (Admittedly, nearly the entirety of my time spent at work is during a “slow time”.  That’s because I work third shift on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.)

So, here are the results of my recent picture taking adventure:

(Parka: Goodwill;  Tank: Target;  Cardigan: the annals of my closet;  Skirt: Goodwill;  Tights: Kohls;  Boots: pascalvintage on Etsy).

Obviously I’m looking a bit low-key because if I were to dress any flashier than this in my booth, I would probably solicit a whole lot of unwanted attention from the barflies who leave the garage to head home around 1:00am.

I spend the remainder of my down time at work avoiding homework and consuming delicious snacks like these:

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