Our bellies are thankful.

In efforts to put our money into the pockets of local business people rather than support large companies, Josh and I have been exploring our options for local winter vegetables.  Recently, we took a trip to Jordan’s Farm Market.

Jordan Farm is located on Wells Road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  I had noticed, with some degree of dismay, that their farm market would be closing for the season on November 23rd.  This information came as a heavy blow so close to the seasonal closing of Red’s Dairy Freeze, and I wanted to obtain information about where I could find a winter CSA that could replace the produce and dairy that I buy at farm markets during Maine’s warm months.

Luckily, while checking out, I noticed a sign-up sheet for information on a winter farm market.  I received my first informative e-mail about the program and discovered that it’s an online farmer’s market!  So smart and easy.  Once every two weeks I will be able to put in an order for local, farm fresh produce, cheese, sweets, etc.  Then I can pick my items up right at the farm.  It’s called the Cape Farms’ Market, and several area farms and local baking companies participate.  This has completely changed my outlook for winter food purchasing.  I hope I can spread the word about the Cape Farms’ Market – hooray for year-round local food!

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