Winter Break Photo Highlights

Winter break has been a grand affair and as it comes to a close I’d like to share what I’ve kept myself busy with.  I’ve been nearly entirely absent from blogging for weeks because I’ve been consumed with cherishing every moment of my vacation.  From brunch with friends to hikes with my brother, I feel as though I’ve genuinely benefitted from this break and can return to school refreshed and prepared for the impending doom of my spring semester course load.  Most of my photos were taken at home during down time – for some reason my camera loves to run out of batteries only when I’m out and about.  Still, the following snapshots capture the cozier times spent relaxing in my wee apartment.  So here it is, the best of my winter break:

1) Anyone else love playing Pizza Party?  2) Berry parfaits and Murder, She Wrote!  3) Our friend, Ben, preparing to chow-down on lasagna at a potluck we hosted.  4) The snowy view from our bathroom window.  5) I made this wreath by hot-gluing yarn pom-poms to a wreath ring – incredibly simple yet effectively adorable.  6) Perhaps the cutest birthday card I’ve ever received.  My friend Hanna gave it to me for my non-birthday, along with…  7) This perfect bracelet!  It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received (thank you, Hanna – I love it!).


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