Don’t Mess With a Crazy Dog Lady

Eek.  I have pretty strong feelings about certain companies, but tend to leave those thoughts off-blog.  Notables Near the Shore is generally a place where I share my sunnier thoughts, but not today.  A sure-fire way to upset me is hurting an animal, and McDonald’s managed to further harm the image of pit bulls in their most recent radio ad.

McDonald’s, you suck.  I know I courted you briefly during my high school years, gobbling fries and vanilla shakes while my girlfriends and I drove around town in circles.  Luckily, I quickly realized that not only is your food fatty and lacking any nutritional value, but it’s full of chemicals that do terrible things to my body.  Your food isn’t just unhealthy, it’s frightening.

You know what else is scary?  How your pathetic attempt to redirect attention from your terrible products resulted in a hideous insult to one of my favorite dog breeds.  The supposedly-lighthearted jab you made at pit bulls was careless, and contributed to the existing (and brutally incorrect) stigma surrounding these dogs.

McDonald’s, I already knew you were lousy.  I haven’t eaten your food in years and deplore your existence, but managed to ignore you.  NOT ANYMORE.  Oh no, McDonald’s – it’s on.  Trash-talking dogs was a really bad idea, and you’ve now climbed to the top of my most-hated-companies list (you’re vying for first place with Walmart).  I’m a mouthy lady, and you’ve given me an opportunity to spread the word not only about how unconscionable your advertising techniques are, but to remind people that YOUR PRODUCTS ARE SO BAD YOU HAVE TO INSULT PUPPIES IN LAME ATTEMPTS TO GARNER BUSINESS.


/end rant.

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