Olives all the time.

Do you ever find yourself stuck on wanting to eat only one food?  It happens to me pretty frequently, and right now I’ve got a thing for olives.  I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some recipes that will allow me to indulge in these tiny, round, sodium-vessels.  Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s a recipe for olive butter – terribly simple and undoubtedly delicious on toast.

What started my most recent olive kick was actually an olive and feta cheese pizza.  This fried eggplant and olive combo from Smitten Kitchen looks even better than what I had!

Very easy to make: olive tapenade and feta pinwheels.  I bet I could eat an entire batch.

These are fried olives.  This particular recipe calls for ground beef and lamb filling, but I’m sure I could manage with some faux-meats.

Olive bread – perfect to accompany a bowl of tomato soup.

(click photos for sources)

I wonder what other applications I could find for olives?!

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