Wishful Thinking

It’s past midnight and I just can’t seem to sleep.  Perhaps that’s because I’m so anxious to hear whether or not my university will cancel tomorrow’s classes due to the snow storm that’s currently raging outside.  The weather has been unseasonably warm all winter, and we’ve seen much less snow than usual.  While I’m not typically one to bemoan the lack of snow, I’ve never lived outside of the Northeast and am thus accustomed to at least a little of the stuff each year.  But what really irks me about this years missing flakes?  Not nearly enough snow days.


(Is there anyone who doesn’t?  …Well, maybe Rory Gilmore.  I don’t care, I’ll say it again…!)


Really.  I’m particularly obsessed with them for a woman of my (or any) age.  On planned days off (weekends, vacations), I find myself struggling to balance my divergent inclinations to vegetate while watching junk television and also be productive.  Whenever I relax,  I feel a bit like I’m slacking off.  Being in school means I always have assignments, and because academics are my first priority, even fun DIY or home-improvement projects feel like indulgences.  But snow days are so different!

Snow days are an unexpected gift of free time.  Glorious, unplanned for time!  All of my assignments are completed as if I would have been in class, so snow days are all about taking it easy.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of the roads being so terrible that it’s frowned on to be out and about.  Snow days give me the awesome ability to keep my pajamas on, watch my favorite old shows, and create unhealthy snacks all day long.

I guess that’s why I’m so excitable about snow days.

Because I am in a state of such sleepless anticipation, I’ve put together a list of the things I’ll do tomorrow if school is, in fact, cancelled.  I think it’s a pretty solid plan.  When it comes to any activity that can be infused with a childlike sense of silliness and/or gluttony, I am your girl.  Ice cream for breakfast followed by an indoor water balloon fight?  Sounds great!  Granted, nothing I’ve dreamt-up for tomorrow is too crazy, but I think I’ve mapped out an absolutely indulgent day.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

1)  I have three past-prime bananas just dying to help me start my day with this banana bread french toast!  I’m absolutely making this first thing tomorrow – perfect beginning to a snow day.  Plus, whipped cream is a very important food.

2)  I am going to hunker down in my fuzzy, polar bear-laden pajamas and watch a serious amount of garbage television.  Specifically, Supernatural.  I know what you’re thinking, “Really, Andrea?  Supernatural?”  Yes.  Yes, it’s hilarious and I love bad TV with predictable story-lines.  I love that sort of program even more when it mocks itself within the show, which Supernatural does in spades.  Clearly, Sam and Dean Winchester know what relaxation is all about.

3)  Once I’ve had my fill of TV, I think I’ll try out this project I spotted on ye old Pinterest.  Homemade candy buttons made of things I already have in my kitchen?  Yes please.  Here’s a link to an actual recipe, the following photo is just my wishful-thinking version of what my candies will look like.

4)  Later in the day, I think I’ll partake in a self-pampering ritual that I try only two or three times each year: painting my nails.  I’ve never had a steady hand and am not great at nail-painting, but every so often I’m struck by a nail color so lovely that I feel compelled to later it about my fingertips.  I have a pretty pink shade that recently caught my eye and I think this snow day is the best time to try it out.  I am really digging on this lady’s bright pink nails:

5) I think I’ll round out my snow day by putting together something savory and warm in the evening.  This recipe for “Volcanoes” – tiny bread bowls full of potatoes and cheese.

6) And perhaps, for good measure, I’ll settle in with my current semester’s reading, a book that I love dearly:

(click photos for sources!)

And there you have it, my plans, should this snow day happen.  My windows are covered with white flakes, so that’s a good sign.  For now, I should try and get some rest in case some freak weather accident happens and I actually have school tomorrow!

Is anyone else up late tonight hoping for a day off tomorrow?

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