Signs of Spring

I just have to tell y’all – today is a pretty special day.  Earlier this afternoon I was lamenting at my inability to consume my favorite take-out treat of all treats: soft-serve ice cream from Red’s Dairy Freeze.  See, here in coastal Maine, we watch each fall as some of the best local stores close up shop for the winter.  For obvious reasons, ice cream takes a big hit around here during the colder months (apparently, I’m in the minority of folks who love ice cream in the winter).  Each October, I’m most heartbroken when Red’s Dairy Freeze gives into the dropping temperatures and ends their season.  Red’s is an institution in Greater Portland, and is perhaps the most beloved ice cream shop in all of Southern Maine.  It was the only place in town that my family ever went to for ice cream, as Red’s offers non-dairy options (in childhood my brother had allergies).  A lifelong patron, I’ve never tired of their Boston milkshakes nor the candy eyes they affix to each cone of sugary soft-serve.  Additionally, now that I’m a dog owner I have a new-found appreciation for the dog-size dishes that Red’s offers for furry friends.

Opened in 1952, Red’s has been serving up soft-serve ice cream non-stop for decades.  There is one very sad exception to this.  Two years ago, at the very beginning of ice cream season, the unthinkable happened: Red’s had a fire – and it was bad.  The damage was extensive enough that they remained closed the entire year.  It was the first year in my whole life I didn’t have Red’s ice cream.  Luckily, the owners and staff rebounded and reopened the next year.  They even printed t-shirts that proclaimed, “I survived a year without Red’s!”.

I’m sure y’all have figured out by now that today is a special day because Red’s has announced that they’re reopen for the season!  Just as I was beginning to feel that winter was dragging on a bit too long, I’m gifted this perfect sign of spring.

Here are some photos from previous trip’s to Red’s:

Red’s?  Did someone say Red’s!?

This red light tried to kill us with anticipation!


I never manage to snap pictures of the candy eyes – I always eat them too fast.

The legendary Boston shake.

This means spring is near, so ignore all the snow and get your sunscreen ready!

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