summer return.

It would appear that I am back.

Since posting last, I finished my spring semester, moved into a new apartment with Teddy and Josh, and have been undertaking lots of cooking and gardening projects.

Our new accommodations feature crooked floors and old plumbing, but the place always smells of salt water and I can see the ocean from our living room.  The most important amenity is certainly the fenced-in back yard.  We’ve already had a few successful barbecues, enjoyed some hours hula-hooping, and can allow Teddy to romp around leash-free.

My childhood home had a great yard with woods behind it, and on summer mornings my dad and I – early birds forever and always – would drink our coffee outside in lawn chairs.  I haven’t lived anywhere with a lawn in six or so years, and had forgotten how cheerful having even just a patch of green space can make me feel.  Now, after Ted and I take our morning trek through Portland’s West End, we sit on the stairs together – I drink coffee while Ted watches squirrels and birds.

It’s my hope that my return to notables near the shore with allow me to share some of my new projects, snapshots, and stories.  Here are some recent photos from a day spent reading and playing outside:

 until next time!

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