Who killed Laura Palmer?

Right now I’m preoccupied with Twin Peaks.

I like the show because it’s sort of creepy, sort of cheesy, and relies on a strong ensemble cast of quirky characters.  I also like it because of the comfortingly familiar early 1990s setting.

Lara Flynn Boyle’s character wears the best clothing on the show, but she cries pretty much all the time.  I suppose that’s appropriate, because her best friend was brutally murdered and all.

I am sort of ashamed to be spending so much of the this beautiful day indoors watching this show, but I have the tiniest headache and am using it to justify this extreme lethargy/television consumption.

Did I mention the show features a huge amount of doughnut, pie, and coffee consumption?  My appreciation of such can be seen on my Twin Peaks inspired style board over here on my Polyvore account.

Ok, it’s onto episode 8 for me.  Until next time!

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