a happy day for fathers!

I hope y’all have a lovely Sunday celebrating the important fellas in your lives!

Here’s a snapshot of my dad and I from sometime around 1991:

We look so sweet, so innocent – but ohhh no!  I’m sure we were plotting something devious right as this photo was taken.  It’s most likely that we were devising a clever plan to acquire lots of snacks.  My dad and I were cut from the same cloth, that’s for certain.  I’ve always gravitated toward whatever he was doing – I would lace up my pink Barbie roller skates each day after school and skate in circles around the driveway waiting for him to get home.  He loves telling a story of how one weekend, when he was performing one handyman feat or another, I put on some overalls, affixed a duck-tape moustache above my lip, and marched up to him stating, “I’m your helper, Bob.”

I have my dad to thank for my appreciation of classic rock, lasagna, and The Three Stooges.  We both have big laughs, big noses, and occasionally big attitudes.  We nap in the afternoon, wake up early in the morning, and drink absurd amounts of coffee.  I owe my genetics a “thank you”, because I’ll always have a person to empathize with my hunger-induced mood swings and strange love of mayonnaise on italian bread.

So, to my father and all the others: I hope you enjoy your day!

PS: Happy Father’s Day to Josh, because being a dog dad is something to celebrate, too!

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