friends & donuts.

Today has been so much fun, and it’s not over yet!

This morning, last minute plans were made to show a new friend around town a bit.  We went for a walk behind Evergreen Cemetery and talked about our respective homes.  Surprising parallels were drawn between Maine and Idaho.  We saw about a dozen frogs on our adventure, many of which Teddy attempted to eat.

After our walk, we decided to venture to local donut shop, The Holy Donut, and introduce our friend to their uniquely delicious confections.

This was my (although not Josh’s) first experience meeting up with someone from CouchSurfing, and I had a thoroughly delightful time.  Spending time with travelers makes me so impatient for my own adventures.  However, showing folks around Portland keeps me aware of how lovely my hometown is.

Tonight we’re heading to the Portland Museum of Art to see Poupoupidou.  It looks amazing and I’m really excited, because we’ve somehow managed to avoid ever going to see a film in the Movies at the Museum series.  It’s shaping up to be an excellent Friday evening.

Until next time!

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