What were you?

The university Josh and I attend has two major branches, one located in Portland, the other in Gorham.  Gorham is a 25-or-so minute drive from Portland.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Josh has class in Gorham and I find myself more and more frequently offering him rides.  I love the excuse it gives me to drive out of the city, past the suburbs, and into the increasingly rural area outside of Portland.  While experimenting with a new return route on a recent trip to retrieve Josh, I spied an abandoned building.  There was no choice other than to pull over and snap pictures.  Here are the results.

Perhaps I can inquire with a few local historians and  find some information about this one-time country store.  Do any of you readers from Maine know when this place – Cotton’s, I believe it was called – was operational?

…Traipse-around Thursday?

I failed miserably yesterday by not posting for Walkabout Wednesday.  I was caught up in a whirlwind of Russian class, working on a French project, and studying for an exam, so excuse me for the tardiness of this post.

I once worked in the outskirts of Portland, where Forest Avenue becomes Route 302 and the city turns quickly to Westbrook, then Windham.  I must have driven past the spot of this week’s walk at least ten times a week for the two years I was employed in that area.  How I never managed to visit this trail before now is a mystery (it perhaps has something to do with the fact that this particular trail head shares a parking lot with a waste management facility) but the paths around the Presumpscot Boat Launch are fascinating.  The area contains a few special attractions, the first of which is the remarkable landscape.  The terrain is varied and, while I haven’t explored much, there seem to be plenty of paths to try out.  There are also signs noting the previous activities of the Presumpscot River area – there was a trolley station and quite a busy waterway.  I want to do some more adventuring in this place soon – I wonder if I could scrounge up a few people who would like to have a picnic there with me?

Now I’m off to reformat the new blog I’ve started – it’s all about my Russian studies.  Hopefully I’ll have it fixed up and ready to share soon.