A Day in the Life of Theodore Roosevelt

In light of Monday’s holiday (President’s Day here in the US), I thought I would share some photos of my presidentially-named dog, Theodore Roosevelt.  Y’all have seen plenty of Teddy snapshots, but I am a crazy dog lady who cannot put her camera down.

Teddy sleeps in every day.  Seriously.  If I wake up earlier than 8am he won’t even open his eye.  Clearly, Teddy is a dog who appreciates his leisure time.  But once he wakes up…

He’s immediately ready for a walk and stares at me impatiently while I lace up my shoes.

Teddy & Josh: Men about town.

After his walk, it’s home for breakfast and a whole lot of raw-hide chewing.

Later on, Teddy takes a ride to visit his grandparents!

Back at home, the sleepy Ted snuggles in for a nap.

Teddy’s adorability aside, one of the reasons I so love sharing photos of him is to encourage others to consider animal adoption.  Shelters in the US are overcrowded and have high euthanization rates, and thus each animal adopted from such a situation is a life saved.  I’m not claiming to be a hero for adopting Teddy – no, he brings more to my life than I could ever repay him for.  What I’m saying is this: shelter dogs deserve your love.  They should be adopted, cuddled, and spoiled.  Did you look at the above photos and think, “Boy, I would love a dog like that!”?  Well, he’s a rescued mutt that was once a stray and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.  Want to find a best friend of your very own?  Head over to Petfinder.com or AdoptaPet.com.  I’m partial to Friends of Retrievers, because I can personally vouch for their adoration of the dogs they rescue, but there are plenty of fantastic groups that have animals for adoption.

Does anyone else have a rescue story?  Did you meet your best friend in a rescue or shelter?

good morning, Monday: It’s vacation, y’alls!

“Winter break” has begun!  For some reason, instead of offering the traditional two-week long spring break that many colleges do, USM allows students a single week off in February and another in March.  This momentary reprieve from academic deadlines will provide me a chance to get ahead on assignments, visit with friends, and above all allow me an opportunity for relaxation.  I’m pretty thrilled about the week-long fun that’s about to be embarked on.

Therefore, on this Monday morning, I bring you my  “vacation edition” excerpts of mood-enhancing media.

1) Similarly to last Monday’s post, this week I’m happy to report that several more dogs were adopted through Friends of Retrievers Rescue.  How better to start the week than will stories of animal adoption?!

2) Pawnee & Leslie Knope are great.

3) Josh has an amazing Thai funk album, The Sound of Siam.  Here’s my favorite track, Mae Kha Som Tam.  I challenge you to listen to this song next time you’re walking somewhere and try to keep your stride from turning into a strut (it’s impossible!).