Aha! An outlet for my thrift shop addiction.

There’s so much going on right now – it’s pretty great, actually!  I’m busy with school, house rearranging, and starting the Etsy shop.  Additionally, I’m chairing the History Students Association and last night had my very first French Club meeting.  We went out for dinner and drinks this week and I really enjoyed myself.  It’s not often that I go out nor am I adept at making friends, so I was glad to have a reason to socialize with people I may otherwise be too shy to do so with.

So about this Etsy shop.  Oof!  As it happens, cleaning, caring for, and storing a shop’s worth of items takes a lot of time and space.  This realization was the catalyst for our recent home reorganization project.  I decided that we were in dire need of an animal-free room in our place.  I love my furry friends and hate having to limit their access to our home, but animal hair is a constant issue in this apartment.  Thus, to keep items for the shop in pristine and pet hair-free condition, Josh and I have cordoned off one of the rooms for use as a storage area.  It’s currently housing all of our clothes as well as the items to be put on Etsy.  Josh found this clothing rack on Ebay, which is going to make organization infinitely easier.  I think it will eventually become a bit of a getaway spot for me when I need some alone time at home – it’s so clean in that room!

I hope that this Etsy project works at least a little bit.  It’s been progressing like molasses lately because of other commitments, but life should be slowing down a little soon.  If the skies would clear up and give me a little sunshine, I could go out into the woods and take the most lovely photos of all my things!  But until then, alas…

Enter: Cozy Fall

I am pretty spoiled.  Josh is making me breakfast in bed…again.  On today’s menu are breakfast sandwiches of egg, soysage, smoked gouda, and spinach.  All I have to do is lay in bed listening to music.  (Also I am the washer of dishes here, which is how I am absolved of breakfast making duty).

An important note about the breakfast sandwiches: today they are made on a loaf of bread baked by my brother, Brian (alliteration!).  He frequently experiments with different bread recipes and I think his most recent effort is his best yet.  I wish I was as patient with kitchen experimentation as he – I often give up on baking projects after my first failed attempt.  Lucky for me I have a brother who loves baking delicious things!

School is stupidly busy and not particularly fulfilling this semester.  I keep trying to increase my motivation to do well, but I’ve only managed to perform to my usual level in one of my courses.  In my science and language courses, I feel like I’m flailing a bit.  I hope to use some of this weekend to get ahead on my studying.

Josh and I stumbled upon some surprising treasures recently.  I’ve been picking up all sorts of good thrift store finds and flea market baubles, but Josh hit the antique jackpot.  Enter the Estey Folding Pump Organ.  We were at Cliff’s Antiques for the first time in a while.  It was a slow Friday morning and Josh found an amazing pump organ with a $475 price tag and a broken bellow.  He resigned himself to a life without the expensive instrument and we continued to browse.  When we were checking out, one of the women working mentioned that she saw Josh looking at the organ.  Josh explained that because of the broken bellow, he simply couldn’t justify spending so much on it – and the woman responded by lowering the price to $150!

I didn’t understand what an amazing opportunity we were given.  Josh and I have been doing a fair amount of research on Estey Organs, and they’re quite remarkable music machines.  Josh was able to determine the age of ours by checking the serial number against a database – it was made sometime between 1912 and 1915!

Now our house is full of even more music, and the myriad of instruments at home is making me wish I had the ability to play any of them.  At least I can enjoy the sounds Josh has been creating.  For now I’m going to go enjoy the breakfast sandwich that he just made!

Because I have neither photographic evidence of the organ nor my delicious breakfast, I leave y’all with photos completely unrelated to today’s post:

Soaking up the start of fall at Evergreen Cemetery.

Thanks for the delicious green beans, farmer’s market!

Josh, having been impressed by an ATM that dispenses $5 bills.

View from my little booth at work.

More to come soon – as soon as life slows down!.