…if you get the nachos stuck together, that’s one nacho.

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for sophomoric humor.  The day I stop laughing at poop jokes is the day I am officially old.  There seems to be a trend amongst my 20-something peers in which being occasionally immature is frowned upon.  Sure, sure – I pay my bills on time, complete my assignments in school, and eat plenty of veggies.  But giving up toilet humor and amusement parks?  No, thank you!

I must admit, of late it’s been difficult to wrangle anyone into watching the goofy movies I’ve always loved.  One of the fine films I truly adore was likely created with the 12-15-year old male demographic in mind, but I don’t care – because Saving Silverman is hilarious.

Any film with an emphasis on Neil Diamond is so obviously cinematic gold!

Hipster intelligentsia may frown if they so choose, I’m not ashamed of my indulgence in low-brow culture.  Bring on the Adam Sandler, bring on the Jack Black – I’m never growing out of this!

…I think I’ll go jam out to one of the sweet Punk-O-Rama CDs I used to listen to when I was 14 and be glad I’m not too cool to have fun.

The way life should be.

Welcome to Maine, Vacationland Zombieland.

(click photo for source)

While perusing my Facebook wall this morning, I noticed this intriguing article from RT News, “Drills of the dead: Maine prepares for zombie attack”.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve encountered a major media outlet sharing a story about zombies – but the last time I read something like this, it turned out to be a hoax.  Naturally, I assumed this article, which informed me that my state had held a zombie apocalypse preparedness drill, was a fake as well, and thus I began searching for some supplemental information.


MPBN’s article, “‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Drill Prepares Emergency Workers in Bangor,” confirmed it: Last Thursday, June 21st in the town of Bangor, Maine, emergency response personnel acted out a zombie apocalypse scenario.  Moulage experts were on hand to transform actors into zombies of varying stages.  Participants considered how to respond to mass casualties, distribute vaccinations, and evacuate residents.  Those involved in the event noted that they don’t expect any zombies to actually crop up in our fair state, but rather that the training provides practical skills for dealing with any pandemic virus.

Apparently, the news has already reached a variety of popular media sources, including The Huffington Post and Perez Hilton.  The nation is abuzz with how bold, awesome, and strange the state of Maine is!

I know that Maine is unlike other places in the nation.  I feel like we’re the crazy uncle of states – y’know, the one who’s been slipping you booze at family functions since you were 13, has a bandana-wearing dog named Scotch, and lives in his camper.  No one knows quite what to make of us, but we’re strangely amusing and always up for a good time.

I think I’ll go drink some Moxie and feel good about living in Maine.