Heat induced lazy days.

The cover band that plays at the bar next to my parking garage has finally learned new songs.  Typically, I spend my Friday and Saturday nights here at work listening to played out classic rock songs waft across the water to my little booth.  I have been crossing my fingers for weeks in hopes that said musicians would branch out a bit.  And while I’m glad that I won’t have to listen to ‘Summer of ’69’ for the 9340th time, I wish that they had not chosen to move onto every mediocre dance-pop tune featured on the past 10 ‘NOW: That’s What I Call Music’ compilations.

If those bastards start playing Phil Collins next, I will steal a vehicle from the top floor of the garage and launch it off the roof, across the water, and into the bar to cease the band from assaulting my ears with the filth that is Collins’ music.

Aural woes aside…

I’ve made four friendship bracelets while at work this week.  I just learned how to make them a few days ago, which seems strange because I am 25, and why isn’t bracelet weaving a skill I acquired in my youth?  Probably because I was too busy learning to kick my little brother’s ass in Top Gun for NES.

I have not had much time to write lately.  Combine that with my deletion of all of my social networking accounts resulting in decreased internet usage and I end up a pretty lazy blogger.  Hopefully I will have more projects to report back on soon.  As of late, it’s been too damn hot to bake or craft or do anything other than lay around in my underoos, sweating and complaining.

I now present y’all with proof of my recent, somewhat meager, DIYing:

 my unicorn-colored bracelet, inspired by the many great minds over at HonestlyWTF (http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-friendship-bracelet/)…

…and some bag clips I made from clothes pins and alphabet stamps.

In the works are a tin can lantern, repurposed glass jars, and eventually a couple of stools up-cycled into side tables.  Also, lots more friendship bracelets.