good morning, Monday: hello, 1990s.

Once upon a time, Mariah Carey was great.  Long before Glitter and her subsequent mental breakdown, Mariah was idol to young ladies everywhere – myself very much included.  Her crop tops and curly hair looked so cool.  Daydream was one of my favorite albums somewhere around 3rd/4th grade.  I could (and still can) still listen to it all day long (except for track #3 – One Sweet Day – too sad!)

So, I hope no one question’s today’s “good morning, Monday” material, because this is the stuff my little girl dreams were made of.

Now I’m off to continue studying for this morning’s Russian quiz!  Thankfully, I’ve got my girl Mariah to belt out sweet tunes for me as I get ready.

Destination Procrastination: Truck Daydreams

Boy, I would like to own a truck.  My mother used to work on Saturday mornings, and my brother and I were left to venture around town doing errands with our father.  We were always terribly bored with our weekly trips to the dump, lumberyard, or hardware store, but I do recall loving the ability to ride around in my dad’s blue GMC.  We would parade down the road, the truck raising me higher than all the other vehicles.

In my adult life, I’ve owned a series of small sedans (with one minivan-sized exception), but my heart longs for a truck.  Think about it: apartment life would be made infinitely easier if I had a truck for moving (which I end up doing about once a year).  I haven’t seriously looked into truck ownership because of fuel concerns.  But in my dreams I own a biodiesel truck and I can haul all of the weird junk I see on the side of the road.

I’ve been indulging these truck thoughts during bouts of procrastination spent on Pinterest.  I now have an entire board dedicated to the things I could do with a truck.  Oh, the possibilities.

With a truck, not only could I move with ease and collect even more oddities from the back streets of Maine, but I could also take activity inspiration from any of these photos:

(Click photos for sources)

Maybe someday…?