Moving in is hard to do.

I am not so great at packing, unpacking, or moving of any kind.  Each and every time I move, I end up feeling like Andy from Wet Hot American Summer.  Right before our latest move, I vowed I wouldn’t procrastinate, that I would have everything unpacked and organized in a mere matter of weeks!

…but here I am – it’s one month after our move and I still have unpacked boxes and unhung pictures hanging around.  To be fair, things have been pretty productive in my day-to-day life (I planted a garden!  But more on that later.)  The thing that slows down my unpacking so much is that I can only seem to handle a certain amount of it in a day before I go nuts.

I wonder if other folks have the same trouble with settling in that I do?  I’ve often found myself living like Holly Golightly – never fully entrenched in any space which I occupy.  Good thing our current space feels so cozy even when everything is in a disarray.  After a few personal touches, I’ve begun to feel at home in this new place.

You can see some of my unpacked boxes and scattered clutter in my photos.  But, as I mentioned, I’ve been otherwise productive.  There’s a container vegetable garden currently growing on my back porch, and I’ve finally opened my Etsy shop!  I’ve had time to list just three items, but I’ll post more information about that when I have a few more products to offer.

Until next time!