Pinterest DIY Inspiration: Homemade Laundry Soap

I’m sure y’all have realized: Pinterest is all over the place!  I’m clearly a big fan, as many of my recent posts have included photos I’ve found on the site.  I think the concept is fun, and I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing inspiration with my friends.  One thing I truly adore is how many DIY projects I’ve been able to find.  Over February break, I tried a few out, and today want to share my experience creating a batch of laundry soap.

The inspiration is here, which lead me to this post on the blog, Yellow Brick Home.  There are a mere three ingredients: Borax, Super Washing Soda, and Fels-Naptha.  Finding these isn’t difficult, although I needed to check two stores for the Super Washing Soda.  Otherwise, just grate the bar of Fels-Naptha, then mix with one cup washing soda and one cup Borax.  Stupidly simple, but leaves one feeling accomplished because 1) no more shelling out so much money for detergent, and 2) grating that Fels-Naptha bar really works the biceps!

The entire project cost less than $10 and I have plenty of Borax and Super Washing Soda for several more batches (or other projects!).

Cheap, easy, DIY!  Has anyone else seen or tried a laundry soap recipe?

Christmas Craft Roundup

In the midst of my finals, I have somehow managed to free up exactly one day on which I may shirk academic duties and participate in Christmastime activities.  Josh and I are cramming all of our holiday decorating into a single Sunday, and I am perhaps inappropriately excited for someone my age.  I’m typically feeling so down-and-out about my birthday this time of year that I forget how enjoyable the Christmas season can be.  So, what do we have planned for our day of holiday crafting and decorating?

Firstly, we’ll need a tree!  I’m not entirely sure where we will procure one yet, but it will be from a charitable organization or local farm for certain.  Then there’s the question of decorations for the tree.  We’ve yet to accrue many ornaments in the two years we’ve been a couple, so I looked into homemade decorations and here’s what I’ll be crafting tomorrow:

(Photo and project c/o Cook Quilt Make and Bake)

I am so enamored with these simple dried orange slice ornaments.  They seem like they’ll be pretty easy to create, and will not only add color to my tree but will add another seasonal scent to my home.

(Photo and project c/o Cook Quilt Make and Bake)

I feel like everyone made salt dough ornaments at some point in grade school.  I picked up a couple of cookie cutters from Cliff’s Antiques today so I can now proceed with making heart and star shaped salt dough decorations.

(Photo and project c/o Green Eyed Monster)

The final tree ornament project I’ll be taking on tomorrow will be these stars made from paper towel rolls, Mod Podge, and glitter.  I have all of the components on hand already and am thrilled that I can incorporate a little  R-E-C-Y-C-L-E action into my Christmas decor.

For the remainder of my home, I’m hoping to prepare a few other embellishments.  I have my mind set on crafting some lace bunting to hang in my living room, and I think I’ll work on these projects too:

(Photo and project c/o McLaughlin Designs)

Probably the closest thing to a snow globe I can fashion on my own, I love this “Winter in a Jar” DIY from McLaughlin Designs.

 (Photo and project c/o papernstitch)

No sew, no glue, vintage Christmas wreath project?  Perfect!

I’m thankful for the crafty minds who came up with these projects and so grateful that I can draw on their inspiration to make my cramped apartment feel a little bit more like home.  I can’t wait for tomorrow nor can I wait to document and share this surprising burst of Christmas cheer that’s somehow developed in me.  Who knew that putting the kibosh on my birthday would allow me to enjoy the holidays so much?

Heat induced lazy days.

The cover band that plays at the bar next to my parking garage has finally learned new songs.  Typically, I spend my Friday and Saturday nights here at work listening to played out classic rock songs waft across the water to my little booth.  I have been crossing my fingers for weeks in hopes that said musicians would branch out a bit.  And while I’m glad that I won’t have to listen to ‘Summer of ’69’ for the 9340th time, I wish that they had not chosen to move onto every mediocre dance-pop tune featured on the past 10 ‘NOW: That’s What I Call Music’ compilations.

If those bastards start playing Phil Collins next, I will steal a vehicle from the top floor of the garage and launch it off the roof, across the water, and into the bar to cease the band from assaulting my ears with the filth that is Collins’ music.

Aural woes aside…

I’ve made four friendship bracelets while at work this week.  I just learned how to make them a few days ago, which seems strange because I am 25, and why isn’t bracelet weaving a skill I acquired in my youth?  Probably because I was too busy learning to kick my little brother’s ass in Top Gun for NES.

I have not had much time to write lately.  Combine that with my deletion of all of my social networking accounts resulting in decreased internet usage and I end up a pretty lazy blogger.  Hopefully I will have more projects to report back on soon.  As of late, it’s been too damn hot to bake or craft or do anything other than lay around in my underoos, sweating and complaining.

I now present y’all with proof of my recent, somewhat meager, DIYing:

 my unicorn-colored bracelet, inspired by the many great minds over at HonestlyWTF (…

…and some bag clips I made from clothes pins and alphabet stamps.

In the works are a tin can lantern, repurposed glass jars, and eventually a couple of stools up-cycled into side tables.  Also, lots more friendship bracelets.