That’s the thing about summer colds.

I would be a better blogger if I wasn’t working all of the time, really I would.  Lately when I’ve come to work at the garage, however, I’ve been too tired from my day job to do anything but play cashier and zone out on television when I don’t have any customers.  I thought summer vacations were for relaxing?  Oh well – I need to be extra careful that this journal doesn’t become an outlet for my rants regarding my employment situations.

In non-work news: Fourth of July was nice.  The weather, the company, and the explosives were all enjoyable.  On the evening of the third, I attempted a delicious project inspired by .  The recipe was exceedingly simple – the only items I omitted were the sesame seeds, and only because I didn’t have any on hand.  The cookies turned out to be quite cute and were enjoyed by all!

The morning of Independence Day, boyfriend and I lazed about in our oven of a third floor apartment.  He even picked me some flowers while running an errand, and we enjoyed them while sipping coconut smoothies.

The coconut smoothie recipe was inspired by and was thirst-quenching in the most serious of ways.

After a morning of relaxation, we trekked up to Portland’s Munjoy Hill to visit some friends hosting a barbeque (cue hamburger cookies).  There were water balloons thrown, squirt guns shot, and lots of beirut played.  Oh, and wigs.

After walking home to walk Teddy, we received a free, patriotic-as-hell cab ride back up Munjoy Hill, where we fought the crowds to ooh-and-ah at the fireworks.

Since the Fourth, I’ve been planning up a storm for some near future craftiness.  I’ve started making a plethora of yarn pom-poms for various uses, and have a tin can lantern project scheduled for this weekend.  It’s been tough to take on craft projects in the midst of working so often, but I hope to swap a little bit of work time for a bit more personal time before summer is over.