Madness, just madness.

I’ve been distracted from blogging lately by eating, watching horror movies, and playing outside.  I’m trying to squeeze some fun out the remnants of summer.

Today, Hanna and I went to Fort Williams where we lounged in the grass, played rummy, ate blueberries, and watched awkward teenagers pose for senior portraits.

I was too busy relaxing to take photos, but here’s the view from where we were:

Also, we saw the Google Maps staff on our way to Cape Elizabeth and hoped that we would be made famous by being in one of the street view pictures:

I took another trip to Cape Elizabeth earlier this week with Ben, Josh, and Teddy.  We trekked through Robinson’s Woods.

And now for important dietary information.  Josh and I have been creating some serious eats in the form of panini sandwiches.  My belly has been craving them because I spend so much time perusing this amazing sandwich blog, Panini Happy.  The author is remarkably creative with her sandwich construction, which is something I deeply appreciate.  Sandwiches are simple, filling, and delicious.  I love them, and thus have been consuming them at an alarming rate.  This is one of my favorites: caramelized onions and goat cheese on Botto’s Cracked Whole Wheat bread.  We ate our grown-up grilled cheeses with Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup.

(Yes, that is a George Foreman Grill that we’re using to make our paninis.  Because, what the hell else do vegetarians do with a George Foreman Grill? [the answer to that question is: sometimes we scramble eggs on it, but not often]).

School starts in a little over a week, and I’m even less prepared than usual.  I plan to continue cooking delicious things and having woodland adventures until I’ve enjoyed every last minute of the season.  I can’t deny that temperatures are dropping and I have yearnings for plaid skirts and tall boots – but for now I relish the summer.