good morning, Monday.

Monday mornings are rough.  I thought I had managed to avoid any hatred of this first day of the work week, for in my past life working as a direct support professional my schedule resulted in Mondays off.  There was even a period of time when I worked overnight shifts on Sundays and would actually be just getting out of work on Monday mornings.  Those were lovely days, when I could park myself in coffee shops and watch 9-to-5-ers hustle into their workplaces, reveling in my ability to leisurely begin the day.  Clearly, that has changed.  Resuming my academic career meant reverting to more typical hours – and thus, I hate Mondays.

Granted, once the day has begun and I’m at school, Monday isn’t so bad.  It’s just getting started that gives me trouble.  I’ve thus decided that my Monday mornings need a pick-me-up, and I’m going to start right here on Notables Near the Shore.  Each Monday I’ll do my best to post a song, photo, something – to help me get my week started right.  (Confused as to what I mean?  Think: cute puppies, dance jams, happy news).

This small step works toward my biggest goal of 2012: regaining my positive outlook on life.

 For this first post, I want to share a song that makes me instantaneously happy.  If you told me 5 years ago that my favorite song would someday be by Chicago, I would have giggled and informed you that all I knew of the band came from a minor reference in an unfortunate Adam Sandler film.  That was before a friend introduced my thankful ears to this tune, “25 or 6 to 4”.  For real, I hear this song and my limbs start jutting out in all directions (am I dancing or having a seizure!?  The world may never know).  It’s so good.

Perhaps I’m the only 20-something willing to profess her love of Chicago, but admit it: you kind of like this song.  Happy Monday, y’alls!