Madness, just madness.

I’ve been distracted from blogging lately by eating, watching horror movies, and playing outside.  I’m trying to squeeze some fun out the remnants of summer.

Today, Hanna and I went to Fort Williams where we lounged in the grass, played rummy, ate blueberries, and watched awkward teenagers pose for senior portraits.

I was too busy relaxing to take photos, but here’s the view from where we were:

Also, we saw the Google Maps staff on our way to Cape Elizabeth and hoped that we would be made famous by being in one of the street view pictures:

I took another trip to Cape Elizabeth earlier this week with Ben, Josh, and Teddy.  We trekked through Robinson’s Woods.

And now for important dietary information.  Josh and I have been creating some serious eats in the form of panini sandwiches.  My belly has been craving them because I spend so much time perusing this amazing sandwich blog, Panini Happy.  The author is remarkably creative with her sandwich construction, which is something I deeply appreciate.  Sandwiches are simple, filling, and delicious.  I love them, and thus have been consuming them at an alarming rate.  This is one of my favorites: caramelized onions and goat cheese on Botto’s Cracked Whole Wheat bread.  We ate our grown-up grilled cheeses with Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup.

(Yes, that is a George Foreman Grill that we’re using to make our paninis.  Because, what the hell else do vegetarians do with a George Foreman Grill? [the answer to that question is: sometimes we scramble eggs on it, but not often]).

School starts in a little over a week, and I’m even less prepared than usual.  I plan to continue cooking delicious things and having woodland adventures until I’ve enjoyed every last minute of the season.  I can’t deny that temperatures are dropping and I have yearnings for plaid skirts and tall boots – but for now I relish the summer.

Time is on your side.

So many exciting adventures happened this week. Berries were picked and consumed, Shannons were befriended, mountains were climbed.

Monday we went to Maple Springs Farm in Harrison, Maine.  They have pick-your-own raspberries – all sorts! We picked red, black, and golden raspberries.

Only half a pint made it home..

In the fall they have another berry harvest and I’m hoping to have learned some about making jam and canning by then.

On our trip to Maple Springs Farm, we also acquired one very lovely tomato plant (yet to be appropriately named). I am trying my hand at apartment gardening. I have a basil and tomato plants – hopefully peppers will be happening soon, too. So anyways, we got this tomato plant. I’ve been real good about watering it every day, but after a couple of days noticed a collection of what appeared to be chunks of soil gathering on the floor beneath the plant. I am naive to the ways of gardening, and had no idea that what was really pooling on my kitchen floor was FRASS. Frass is caterpillar poop. If I had known this, I would have know that we had no less than three tobacco worms living, eating, and shitting in our tomatoes.  First, we met this little guy.

And we named him Shannon. I harnessed the power of the internet to figure out what kind of caterpillar Shannon was and found out that although I desperately wanted to keep him in a fish bowl as my newest pet (and, in fact, Josh and I were gathering our things to run to the pet store immediately upon Shannon discovery), I read that Shannon would someday transform into a gargantuan, fuzzy moth, and in the meantime would quickly consume my entire tomato plant. The decision was made to move Shannon outside into the backyard. Right after Josh brought him outside, I checked the plant and came upon two more Shannons. They too were moved to the outdoors, and all Shannons seem to be fine with the transition.  Shannon 3 was the smallest of the trio:

I don’t have any pictures of the mountain climbing that occurred this week, but it wasn’t super exciting anyways. We hiked Bradbury Mountain, got winded because we’re terribly out of shape, hiked down and ate snacks. We then watched television for the remainder of the day to make up for all that physical activity. Snacks were created and eaten, such as this amazing barbecue faux-chicken and goat cheese pizza that Josh made:

Summer is slipping away from me, but we’re planning to make August a banner month!  Camping and picnics and crafting adventures to come – I can’t wait!!