Make Sense of What You Can.

Today is a very special day, because today I picked a new birthday.  From now on, my birthday will be on August 3rd.  Normally, I would say that to arbitrarily choose a new birthday would strip any and all meaning from birthday celebrations.  However, I did not simply pick a random birthday – I swapped for my new date.  My brother hates birthdays, especially his own.  For years he has refused to acknowledge his birthday, and was pleased to accept my offer of a switch.  My old birthday was two days before Christmas, always forgotten, and – more importantly – always cold, snowy, and dark.  From now on I can have a fun summer birthday, and my brother can have his birthday during a time of year that almost guarantees that everyone will forget it.  We are both very pleased with the arrangement.

So yesterday would have been my birthday, but I missed it.  That’s alright – it’s worth missing my birthday this year in order to have a lifetime of summer season birthday celebrations.

Today we ventured to Macworth Island where I went in the ocean with my sneakers on and later saw two princesses.

Tonight I am at the garage.  There’s been a big to-do around here for the past week because we raised our prices by a dollar each hour.  More people seem to be complaining about the cost of parking, as well as about our cash-only policy.  This doesn’t bother me much, though, because I have Shark Week to enjoy and chevron bracelets to weave.

It’s cool by the ocean tonight and I’ve been hearing a continuous flow of foot traffic outside the gates.  Summer is winding down, I guess.