What to do when your camera’s on the fritz?

Make a Things-I-Love-Thursday post!  Here we go…

1) Blunt-cut bangs with long hair.  I’ve been growing out my locks for sometime and now that it’s long I occasionally find myself slacking in the haircut-getting department.  I let my hair run wild, some days not bothering to run a comb through it at all.  Lately, though, I’ve been thinking of chopping my currently side-swept bangs, and I love this lady’s look from MyNewHair.com.  I have a feeling this hair-venture will make rolling out of bed and running to class look at lot better.

2) Miniature Pies.  These are adorable, and don’t look particularly difficult to concoct, according to the recipe from Picky Palate.  I feel like substituting different types of cookies for the Oreos could lead to very, very promising results.

3) Everything Matryoshka.  My grandparents brought back lots of toys from their trips to visit family in Lithuania.  One of my favorite surprises were the Matryoshka dolls.  From the Russian word for mother, matryoshkas are nesting dolls, each wooden doll containing another of smaller size, and so forth.  The few that I have are sets of 5 or 6 dolls in one.  Lately, they’ve been popular fodder for hipsters everywhere, but their current it-factor hasn’t changed my love of matryoshkas.  I have one tattooed on my left leg, courtesy of Cyndi Lou at Squid and Whale Tattoo.  I was lurking the internet recently when I came across this necklace in the Poppy and Fern Etsy Shop.  I might have to spring for this wee, embroidered charm.

4) Bulldog Puppies!  It took Josh and I hours to recover from the adorability contained in this photo found at The Daily Puppy.  LOOK AT HIS FACE!

5)  Little Red Riding Hood Cape.  Not that I have $170 to throw around, but if I did, I might just pick up American Apparel’s wool cape (in red, of course).  When shopping for Josh back in September, a clerk at a local boutique tried to convince me to buy a similar cape for nearly $400 (how he didn’t pick up on my starving-student lifestyle as I ambled about in all secondhand clothing and muddy sneakers is puzzling).  So, I suppose, relatively speaking, this cape is a bargain…right?

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui, mes amis!