good morning, Monday: hello, 1990s.

Once upon a time, Mariah Carey was great.  Long before Glitter and her subsequent mental breakdown, Mariah was idol to young ladies everywhere – myself very much included.  Her crop tops and curly hair looked so cool.  Daydream was one of my favorite albums somewhere around 3rd/4th grade.  I could (and still can) still listen to it all day long (except for track #3 – One Sweet Day – too sad!)

So, I hope no one question’s today’s “good morning, Monday” material, because this is the stuff my little girl dreams were made of.

Now I’m off to continue studying for this morning’s Russian quiz!  Thankfully, I’ve got my girl Mariah to belt out sweet tunes for me as I get ready.

Psychological Tactics for Getting Off of the Couch

(I’m working under a similar principle: will workout for new toys).

Consequences don’t work for me.  What I mean to say is, regardless of whether my actions are going to end with lousy results or not, I proceed as my silly heart desires.  I’m not very good at precautionary corollary reasoning.  But that’s just fine, because I’ve developed a new system that could work just perfectly.

I’ve been thinking very much about how to motivate myself.  Small tasks – flossing, taking out the garbage, cleaning the tub – are easy to incorporate into my routine and thus not terribly difficult habits to acquire.  Tasks that require more of an effort or upset to my schedule are очень трудно – very hard – for me.

So here’s what I did:

1) I bought myself a gym membership.  It’s the first I’ve ever had and I don’t feel particularly great about it.  I would rather get my exercise outside, engaged in meaningful physical activity.  However, my life simply does not allow for that option for the time being, as time constraints will have me rushing to workout between classes.  I’m willing to work within the framework of my circumstances, however, and thus am now a card-carrying Planet Fitness member.

2) I made a list of items that I’ve been waiting to purchase for myself.  These include a Vitamix Blender, a satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company, new jeans, and a mini-trip to visit a friend.

3) I have set up a system of rewards based on how many times I go to the gym.  If I make it there five times, I’m going to splurge on a Vitamix.  If I go five more times, I’ll order that satchel I’ve been wanting.  And so on.

To prevent this from becoming an exercise in needless spending, I’m trying to focus on rewards that will prove useful.  To eliminate a rusty and barely operational set of food processor and blender, I will work to earn the aforementioned Vitamax Blender (complete with seven-year warranty!).  A satchel will also come in handy, as I’ve run out of decent means of carrying my books to school – two book-bags have been broken in the past year and a half of college and I think I need something a bit more sturdy to transport my academic supplies.  I could continue with my justifications, but y’all get the picture!

I’m hoping this method of motivation will not only help me incorporate working into my life, but also prevent me from buying frivolously.  If I want to purchase something, I’ll have to earn it first!

This entire process has me wondering: are there other tricks folks have for self-motivating?  This is something I struggle with often – I’m quite prone to spending my free time recumbent, consuming various forms of media in my pajamas (the couch seems melancholy when I neglect it for too long…).  Am I particularly lazy, or do other people have this trouble as well?  If so – what do y’all do to kickstart yourselves into action?  I’d love to hear your tips!

good morning, Monday: Better late than never.

I know, I know – it’s not morning any longer!  This particular morning found me rushing to get to class and I had no time to craft a Monday pick-me-up post.  However, while the day is already in its postmeridian hours, I still have a multitude of things to do.  I’m running on just a few hours of sleep and absolutely need some external forces to jump-start my afternoon.  Here’s what I’ve come up with to keep me going on this sleepy Monday:

First, some happy news: Over the weekend, I received notification that four of the dogs up for adoption from Friends of Retrievers Rescue found their forever homes.  Not only is this happy news for those pups, but means that four spots are now open in foster homes and four new dogs can be pulled from shelter situations and listed online for adoption.  Happy news always helps me get through a long day, and this is some of the best I’ve heard in quite a while!

Next, I’d like to share a song I frequently turn to in times when I need to self-motivate.  I can’t listen to “Ce Jeu” by Yelle without breaking into my ridiculous version of dancing.  There are few jams that pump me up quite as well as this one, and I hope you find it works the same wonders for your Monday afternoon as it will mine:

And there you have it!  Instant Monday motivation, brought to you by animal lovers and French pop stars.  Happy Monday, y’alls!