Walkabout Wednesday

The only thing I can seem to do with any sort of consistency is take walks, so I’ve decided I’ll be posting photos from one of my adventures each Wednesday.  I was torn between the titles “Take a Walk Wednesday” and “Walkabout Wednesday”.  I ultimately chose the latter because 1) Josh really liked it and 2) John Locke, anyone?

Earlier this week, I meandered around my neighborhood.  It wasn’t particularly exciting, but I am still quite enamored with November’s colors.

I’m beginning to get pretty excited about Thanksgiving!  We’re having a very small gathering at my parents house (just four of us plus Teddy), but my brother and I are making quite the event of it.  We’ve got an entire day of preparation planned that includes something like six pies, a couple loaves of bread, and a trip to the New Hampshire liquor store.  Though the numbers have dwindled at our yearly holiday gatherings, we can’t seem to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for any less than ten people.  Lucky for me, this means weeks of delicious leftovers.  I’ll attempt to compile a Thanksgiving recipe list and post it on here soon.

Where they wander.

I love to explore the less-frequented sections of Greater Portland.  I’ve lived in the area for my entire life, so there aren’t many local attractions that I’m not privy to.  Thus, I like to challenge myself to find places nearby that I’ve overlooked or ignored.  One of those places is the Fore River Sanctuary.

I have an aunt who brought my brother and I to this spot when we were kids.  Other than that, I’d given the place little thought.  It’s directly off of a substantially busy route that connects Portland to the Portland Jetport and the Maine Mall in South Portland.  I don’t think many people slow down enough when traversing that part of town to even realize the 2 mile trail exists.

Luckily, having a dog pushed me to branch out and discover new, picturesque places to take walks.

This is my favorite time of year for taking walks.  Every step is different – in one stride I’m crunching dead leaves and in another I’m sliding into a thick patch of mud.  It’s chilly enough that I never work up a sweat on our wanderings, and I love the pre-walk ritual of bundling myself in sweaters and scarves to stay warm.  After our travels there is always hot cider or tea.  November in Maine is the most cozy and comforting of times.  I hope we don’t get much more snow this month – I’m hoping to take full advantage of the perfect weather as often as possible.