what to do with 5lbs of beet greens?

I recently used an expiring Groupon for MyFreshMaine.com – an online farmer’s market of sorts.  The website seems to have shifted their focus from produce to finished products like jam and bread.  Thus, when it came time to redeem the Groupon, I was left with only two choices for fresh vegetables: carrots or beet greens.  Josh detests carrots, so I opted for the greens.  Beets can often be found in our kitchen – they’re nature’s candy, after all – and they’re truly spectacular roasted and put on pizza.  I figured that I would easily find ways to use up a hearty supply of beet greens – and then they arrived in the mail.

I had no idea what 5lbs of greens would look like.  They arrived in a huge box and necessitated that I clean out the entire bottom drawer of our refrigerator to have a place for them.  I became immediately concerned with whether or not I would be able to use them all, and so I did what any curious 20-something would do: I turned to Pinterest!

(Oh, Pinterest.  How did I function without you?  Where did I find recipes or clothing or photos of tiny animals?)

One of the most intriguing recipes I stumbled upon was this one for beet green pesto.  I recently tried (and failed) to make a similar recipe with wilting kale and it did notturn out very well.  I was wary of trying my hand at another such recipe and potentially wasting ingredients.  Well, yesterday afternoon I was feeling particularly brave in the culinary way, so I gave beet green pesto a try.

It worked!  I didn’t follow the recipe very well at all, and still managed to mix up a quite delicious version of pesto that will be adorning crusty bread and pizza dough in my home very soon.

While the recipe from the Hollywood Farmers Market blog seemed great, I made a few substitutions based on what I had around.  In lieu of walnut oil, I used olive oil – and I added much more than the recipe called for.  I also cut back on the lemon zest and juice based on our flavor preferences.  The result was delicious!

Pinterest DIY Inspiration: Homemade Laundry Soap

I’m sure y’all have realized: Pinterest is all over the place!  I’m clearly a big fan, as many of my recent posts have included photos I’ve found on the site.  I think the concept is fun, and I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing inspiration with my friends.  One thing I truly adore is how many DIY projects I’ve been able to find.  Over February break, I tried a few out, and today want to share my experience creating a batch of laundry soap.

The inspiration is here, which lead me to this post on the blog, Yellow Brick Home.  There are a mere three ingredients: Borax, Super Washing Soda, and Fels-Naptha.  Finding these isn’t difficult, although I needed to check two stores for the Super Washing Soda.  Otherwise, just grate the bar of Fels-Naptha, then mix with one cup washing soda and one cup Borax.  Stupidly simple, but leaves one feeling accomplished because 1) no more shelling out so much money for detergent, and 2) grating that Fels-Naptha bar really works the biceps!

The entire project cost less than $10 and I have plenty of Borax and Super Washing Soda for several more batches (or other projects!).

Cheap, easy, DIY!  Has anyone else seen or tried a laundry soap recipe?

Olives all the time.

Do you ever find yourself stuck on wanting to eat only one food?  It happens to me pretty frequently, and right now I’ve got a thing for olives.  I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some recipes that will allow me to indulge in these tiny, round, sodium-vessels.  Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s a recipe for olive butter – terribly simple and undoubtedly delicious on toast.

What started my most recent olive kick was actually an olive and feta cheese pizza.  This fried eggplant and olive combo from Smitten Kitchen looks even better than what I had!

Very easy to make: olive tapenade and feta pinwheels.  I bet I could eat an entire batch.

These are fried olives.  This particular recipe calls for ground beef and lamb filling, but I’m sure I could manage with some faux-meats.

Olive bread – perfect to accompany a bowl of tomato soup.

(click photos for sources)

I wonder what other applications I could find for olives?!

Destination Procrastination: Truck Daydreams

Boy, I would like to own a truck.  My mother used to work on Saturday mornings, and my brother and I were left to venture around town doing errands with our father.  We were always terribly bored with our weekly trips to the dump, lumberyard, or hardware store, but I do recall loving the ability to ride around in my dad’s blue GMC.  We would parade down the road, the truck raising me higher than all the other vehicles.

In my adult life, I’ve owned a series of small sedans (with one minivan-sized exception), but my heart longs for a truck.  Think about it: apartment life would be made infinitely easier if I had a truck for moving (which I end up doing about once a year).  I haven’t seriously looked into truck ownership because of fuel concerns.  But in my dreams I own a biodiesel truck and I can haul all of the weird junk I see on the side of the road.

I’ve been indulging these truck thoughts during bouts of procrastination spent on Pinterest.  I now have an entire board dedicated to the things I could do with a truck.  Oh, the possibilities.

With a truck, not only could I move with ease and collect even more oddities from the back streets of Maine, but I could also take activity inspiration from any of these photos:

(Click photos for sources)

Maybe someday…?