Josh and Andrea’s Chili Extravaganza!

(aka: We made chili.  Yum!)

It’s the cozy time of year when my apartment is constantly drafty, forcing me into sweaters and under blankets.  During winter, I love chunky stews and chilis.  Josh and I made this one on a recent Sunday and then enjoyed it in bed while watching a movie.  (Yeah, I said it.  We ate chili in bed.  We eat lots of things in bed because we live in an old building with poor insulation and a lousy heating system.  Our bed is the warmest spot in the whole place!).

We put little thought into our ingredients – we put a different combination of beans and veggies in every time we make chili.  This batch turned out quite delicious.

30oz kidney beans

30oz black beans

24oz refried beans

15oz pinto beans

16oz faux ground beef

1 – 2C corn

30oz tomato sauce

terrifying amounts of taco seasoning

one or two squirts of ketchup

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

a bit of maple syrup

As with all good chilis, throw all of these ingredients into a giant vat, mix, and stir occasionally while heating on low to medium.  When heated through, enjoy!

To accompany my chili, I was lured into purchasing a bottle of ginger-ale.  An odd choice to accompany chili, I admit.  However, I am terribly susceptible to animal-based advertising.

The photo is terrible, sure.  But have you ever seen such fierce creatures on any food product before!?  You must understand why I had to try this soda!

…but to my dismay, this ginger-ale was like all the others, and didn’t taste very good with chili.  Luckily, I have a ridiculous amount of the stuff filling Tupperware containers in my refrigerator that I will continue to devour for the next week.  I’m so glad I’ll have something warm and simple to eat this week – Portland’s temperatures continue to drop and our hours of daylight are getting to be few.  But chili will help me make it through the first leg of evil winter…