what to do with 5lbs of beet greens?

I recently used an expiring Groupon for MyFreshMaine.com – an online farmer’s market of sorts.  The website seems to have shifted their focus from produce to finished products like jam and bread.  Thus, when it came time to redeem the Groupon, I was left with only two choices for fresh vegetables: carrots or beet greens.  Josh detests carrots, so I opted for the greens.  Beets can often be found in our kitchen – they’re nature’s candy, after all – and they’re truly spectacular roasted and put on pizza.  I figured that I would easily find ways to use up a hearty supply of beet greens – and then they arrived in the mail.

I had no idea what 5lbs of greens would look like.  They arrived in a huge box and necessitated that I clean out the entire bottom drawer of our refrigerator to have a place for them.  I became immediately concerned with whether or not I would be able to use them all, and so I did what any curious 20-something would do: I turned to Pinterest!

(Oh, Pinterest.  How did I function without you?  Where did I find recipes or clothing or photos of tiny animals?)

One of the most intriguing recipes I stumbled upon was this one for beet green pesto.  I recently tried (and failed) to make a similar recipe with wilting kale and it did notturn out very well.  I was wary of trying my hand at another such recipe and potentially wasting ingredients.  Well, yesterday afternoon I was feeling particularly brave in the culinary way, so I gave beet green pesto a try.

It worked!  I didn’t follow the recipe very well at all, and still managed to mix up a quite delicious version of pesto that will be adorning crusty bread and pizza dough in my home very soon.

While the recipe from the Hollywood Farmers Market blog seemed great, I made a few substitutions based on what I had around.  In lieu of walnut oil, I used olive oil – and I added much more than the recipe called for.  I also cut back on the lemon zest and juice based on our flavor preferences.  The result was delicious!

these roses are pink.

I went outside a couple of nights ago with every intention of photographing some of the growing green things in my backyard.  But these roses, planted by our landlord’s roommate, are so lovely!  I now have dozens of rose photos on my camera, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Until next time!

green things 101.

Plants have overtaken our home – both inside and out.  I’ve been planting fruits and vegetables, taking cuttings and waiting for them to sprout roots, transplanting raspberry bushes in our backyard.  I’ve never been very skilled at keeping plants alive, but I’m really trying this time!  Hopefully we’ll have some tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries to enjoy by summer’s end, and I will have enough houseplants to keep myself busy with during the fall and winter.

Summertime: Are we there yet?

Around this time each winter, I decide I’m tired of the lousy weather and begin to boycott low temperatures by putting my Bean boots and parka away.  This change in wardrobe always occurs weeks before it’s reasonable to be outside in a light jacket and sneakers, but I can’t seem to help myself.  With my mind set on spring, the same temperatures that chilled my bones in November seem downright tropical.

Increasing my spring fever is the batch of photos I just retrieved from an old memory card.  I thought I would share some of them with y’all and see if anyone else has the summertime itch.

1) Falmouth’s Town Landing Market  2) Fresh Produce  3) Congress & State  4) Outdoor dining at King of the Roll  5) Upper Forest  6) Ice Cream in the night at Mount Desert Island Ice Cream on Exchange Street  7) The night belongs to us  8) Hip hop album cover?  9) Conferring with friends at State & High.

I’m so ready to traipse around after dark without a cold nose and umpteen million layers.  Maine comes alive in the summertime, and I can’t wait to enjoy another season of salty, blue-skied days.

That’s the thing about summer colds.

I would be a better blogger if I wasn’t working all of the time, really I would.  Lately when I’ve come to work at the garage, however, I’ve been too tired from my day job to do anything but play cashier and zone out on television when I don’t have any customers.  I thought summer vacations were for relaxing?  Oh well – I need to be extra careful that this journal doesn’t become an outlet for my rants regarding my employment situations.

In non-work news: Fourth of July was nice.  The weather, the company, and the explosives were all enjoyable.  On the evening of the third, I attempted a delicious project inspired by http://www.livelovepasta.com/2011/07/hamburger-cookies/ .  The recipe was exceedingly simple – the only items I omitted were the sesame seeds, and only because I didn’t have any on hand.  The cookies turned out to be quite cute and were enjoyed by all!

The morning of Independence Day, boyfriend and I lazed about in our oven of a third floor apartment.  He even picked me some flowers while running an errand, and we enjoyed them while sipping coconut smoothies.

The coconut smoothie recipe was inspired by http://www.girlcooksworld.com/2011/04/frozen-coconut-rum-drink.html and was thirst-quenching in the most serious of ways.

After a morning of relaxation, we trekked up to Portland’s Munjoy Hill to visit some friends hosting a barbeque (cue hamburger cookies).  There were water balloons thrown, squirt guns shot, and lots of beirut played.  Oh, and wigs.

After walking home to walk Teddy, we received a free, patriotic-as-hell cab ride back up Munjoy Hill, where we fought the crowds to ooh-and-ah at the fireworks.

Since the Fourth, I’ve been planning up a storm for some near future craftiness.  I’ve started making a plethora of yarn pom-poms for various uses, and have a tin can lantern project scheduled for this weekend.  It’s been tough to take on craft projects in the midst of working so often, but I hope to swap a little bit of work time for a bit more personal time before summer is over.