My dog is feeling better and now we can go on adventures again.  We like to explore the strange forests and semi-abandoned warehouses in our area.  Today we went to Thompson’s Point, which houses various big brick structures (some in use) and lots of rusting industrial equipment.  The area, which borders the Fore River and is reputed for housing transients, is purportedly going to be destroyed and turned into some type of hotel.  I thought Portland had a surplus of lodging these days, but was apparently wrong.

Tomorrow we’re going to revisit a conservation area in Falmouth, I think.  There are lots of garden snakes and blackberries there, as well as an abandoned house and barn.  I read that the land used to house a shingle mill.

For now I think I’ll drink some more caffeine to get me through this shift and watch the rest of The House on Sorority Row: