Academia: Round II

It was back to school for me yesterday, following my week of absences due to headaches.  I’m buried with homework, but should be caught up in the next couple of days if I can manage to stay inside and study even though it’s unseasonably warm out.  Portland’s Time and Temperature sign read sixty-four degrees earlier today, and I can’t quite believe I’m going without a jacket in mid-November.  Perfect weather for traipsing through the less-traveled paths of Portland.  Tomorrow I’ll post lots of pictures from one of our recent walks, but for now here are some photos of my triumphant return to school this week:

This lovely little photo shoot degraded into madness when Josh decided to chase me to my car with the camera…

This entire outfit, save the boots (a DSW present from my mom – thanks, mom!), was thrifted.  I just found the skirt yesterday and it may become my new favorite piece of clothing.  I’m lucky enough to be well-versed in the backroads of Maine and thus have found some of the best hidden thrift stores in the area.  Some time I’ll do a post on my favorite ones!